[News]  Streamer's Program


Streamer's Program

  • *Every week you will receive Streamers supply box!
  • *We can give you 300.00-1,000.00 Php Cash per week depending on your performance!
  • *We can give you headgear per rank.(7days,15days,30days)

How to Join?
- Requirements


  • *Required 300+ followers to be able to join in Streamers program
  • *Submit us your streaming page!
  • *Message us in our Facebook Page for inquiries
  • *Send us your streaming schedule!
  • *Notify us if you are going to stream! Just message us in facebook page.
  • *Share the server links in your stream.


  • *To promote and advertise the server as much as possible to as many unique people as possible.
  • *To encourage streamers to keep playing and promoting the server on a daily basis.
  • *To encourage existing players to keep on playing the game and make them feel that the server is alive.

Streamers Views

  • *A streamer may get 20+ live viewers every day from their existing followers but it is likely that those viewers are the same viewers every day, over and over again. No new people got informed about the server.
  • *What the server needs is to be spread to as many unique individual as possible and that can only be seen on the total number of views when the stream ends.
  • *The total views when the stream ends is the equivalent of the total number of unique individual who viewed the stream.
  • *This will encourage streamers and viewers to share the stream to as many people as possible. More shares = more promotion.
  • *1 person that's not a follower of the streamer who saw the game stream, asked about the server and played is more valuable than 100 streamer's followers that watches the stream only because of the streamer but they don't play the game.

Streaming Hours

  • *The longer the stream, the longer the promotion.
  • *This will prevent streamers who will only stream for a quick period of time and then ends the stream when the live viewer requirements is reached. That's why we should focus on the total views and not the live viewers.

Streamers Additional Rewards

You can get these If you have 1000+ Followers

  • *Permanent Custome  Armor of your choice..
  • *Permanet Custome Weapon of your choice...

- With 20~100+ Stable Viewers

  • *300.00 - 500.00 Cash Per Week

- With 400~500+ stable viewers

  • *3,000 - 5,000 Cash Per Week

Streamers overlay PNG (used this)