[News]  Top 10 Donator Rewards month of January

Promotion Period: From Jan. 01,2020 8:00 AM to Jan31,2020  5:00 PM

By the end of promotion, GM will compute epoint donation from the start of promotion 
to the end of each account and rank the top 10 accounts. 

1st runner up to 5th will be rewarded with:   Grave Set, +20 weapon upgrade +Perfect Ups

6th runner up to 10th will be rewarded with:  Grave Set



For Weapon:

For Example your weapon stats is: attack +224

it will become: attack +244

hitrate + 240%

hp + 9000 or recovery is 50%


For armor and All accesories:

hp 9000

recovery 50%


Contribution Points[Cp]


First runner up will be rewarded with 2,999 contribution points

2nd place with 1,999 contribution points
3rd place with 
999 contribution points
4th to 10th place with 
599 contribution points