[News]  How to get Gogeta,Buu & Goten Custome for free?

Promotion for Gogeta,Buu & Goten Male Customes start from February 22,2018 8:00 AM to February 28,2018 5:00 PM

Every Donation of 300.00 Php + 9,000 Epoints

will Received 1 Piece Gogeta, Buu or Goten Male Custome [7D] for free..!!! 

while Donation of 500.00 Php + 15,000 Epoints 

will get Gogeta and Buu Custome Male [7D] for free..!!! 

while Donation of 1,000.00 Php + 35,000 Epoints 

will get Gogeta,Buu and Goten Male Custome [7D] for free..!!!