[News]  Top Donators Month of December
Top Donators Month of November 
This server is free and only for study purpose. 
It is not for profit. Player can voluntarily donate through the following modes of remittance. 
Thanks for your donations to our server, may you enjoy the game.
This List updated every 8:00 AM
Top Ranks CharName
1 Blitz
2 Knives`
3 iMEOWi
4 NemesiS
5 XeddyBear
6 /WHiT3-Be4RD/
7 ``sredna``
8 Reiko
9 -`LordxGrim`-
11 -/-STITCH-/-
12 AceOfBeast
13 `Samantha
14 Tensei
15 jUnPiEo