[Update]  New Ring Limited Edition Release Admin 2017-08-03    
[Update]  Donation Via Smart Padala are temporary unavailabl admin 2017-08-02    
[Update]  Month of August Donate Items Purchased admin 2017-08-02    
[Update]  Month of August Donate Epoints Purchased admin 2017-08-02    
[Update]  Rookie,Online Time & EP Donation Contest Admin 2017-07-31    
[Update]  Rookie,Online Time & EP Donation Contest Winners Admin 2017-07-31    
[Update]  CONQUERORS PATH 2 [ Final Score Update ] Admin 2017-07-31    
[Update]  [Update] Tyranny Admin 2017-07-21    
[Update]  [News]Rookie,Online Time & EP Donation Contest admin 2017-07-02    
[Update]  [News]Month of July Donate Items Purchased Admin 2017-06-30    
[Update]  [News]Month of July Epoints Purchased Admin 2017-06-30    
[Update]  [News]175th rebirth open at 10 June ,2017 PM 5:00 admin 2017-06-16    
[Update]  [News]Video Making Event Admin 2017-06-16    
[Update]  [News]CONQUERORS PATH 2 Admin 2017-06-13    
[Update]  [News]Item Upgrade maximum attack & HP Admin 2017-06-13    
[Update]  [News]Change Gender are now Avialable Admin 2017-06-05    
[Update]  [News]Back to School Epoints Purchased admin 2017-06-04    
[Update]  [News]All Donate Items are now Avialable on Websit Admin 2017-05-31    
[Update]  [News]Month of June Epoints Purchased Admin 2017-05-31    
[Update]  [News]x2 Donate Epoints Purchased (6Hours) Admin 2017-05-27    
[Update]  [News]New Fog Wing [Pink] & [Light Blue] released Admin 2017-05-16    
[Update]  News]170th rebirth open at 13 May,2017 PM 5:00 Admin 2017-05-12    
[Update]  [News]Super Promotion: Double online Points Admin 2017-05-10    
[Update]  [News]Month of May Donate Items Purchased Admin 2017-05-01