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[News]  New Cool Head Models forever Admin 2018-02-06    
[News]  Donation via Paymaya are now avalaible Admin 2018-02-02    
[News]  Rookie,Online Time & EP Donation Contest Admin 2018-02-01    
[News]  Rookie,Online Time & EP Donation Contest Winners Admin 2018-02-01    
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[News]  1st Official Match 2018 (1v1) Admin 2018-01-29    
[News]  2018 February Valentine's Day Event Admin 2018-01-27    
[News]  Agent's Contact LiveChat Ph,Sg,China,etc..!!! Admin 2018-01-27    
[News]  BetaTest for Official BossRan Gameplay.Click Here. Admin 2018-01-18    
[News]  Super Promotion: Double online & Bonus event Admin 2018-01-10    
[News]  Change SchooL are now Avialable Admin 2018-01-10    
[News]  Promotions for items upgrade 100% success Admin 2018-01-08    
[News]  Month of January Donate Epoints Purchased Admin 2018-01-04    
[News]  Month of January Donate Items Purchased Admin 2018-01-04    
[News]  Christmas Screenshot Event Winners Admin 2018-01-02    
[News]  Rookie,Online Time & EP Donation Contest Admin 2018-01-01    
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[News]  Event Extended up to January 02,2018 Admin 2017-12-27    
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